Stop Saying “That’s So Gay!”: 6 Types of Microaggressions That Harm LGBTQ People


A little sensitivity never hurt anybody…

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Sad Asian teenage boy

By Kevin L. Nadal, PhD (Associate Professor of Psychology, John Jay
College of Criminal Justice – City University of New York)

When I was a little kid, I used to hear my brothers, cousins, and friends say things like “That’s so gay!” on a pretty regular basis. I would usually laugh along, hoping with all my might that they didn’t know my secret.  My parents and other adults in my life would tell me things like “Boys don’t cry” or “Be a man!” which essentially was their way of telling me that being emotional was forbidden or a sign of weakness.

When I was a teenager, there were a few boys at my high school who ridiculed me, almost everyday. When I walked by them in the halls, they called me a “faggot” or screamed my name in a flamboyant tone.  I learned to walk by without…

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I’ve been contemplating starting writing again for some time now but every time I sat down to make a blog I found myself pulled by one thing or another.

Today however I found myself eyeing the iPad every few minutes while I sat studying for my Social Psychology final. I haven’t felt such a strong urge to start something like this in a long time and as you’ll come to find out in the posts to come if it’s something that will help with the procrastination, I’m there 😉

Having said that don’t think I’ll abandon this project so easily. So dear readers out there keep a tab on this page because I have a feeling as the exam dates get closer you’ll find more and more material on here.

Signing outta here for the time being,
Nida Saleem Chaudhry
25th February 2014